Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ghanta Inception!

Christopher "Memento" Nolan is back. Well, he is back with a bang. With blessings (read $100 million for advertising) from Warner Brothers, he presents his latest offering, Inception. With all the hype and hoopla surrounding the movie, I was quite upbeat. Batman Begins was nothing less than an Easter for the Batman franchise. Now with Batman resurrected, Mr.Nolan gave us Dark Night, which was superlative, thanks to Heath Ledger's legendary performance. Inception was not neither hair-rising nor did it make me think. To sum it up, I did not get a kick out of the movie. Was I was expecting too much out of the movie? Maybe.

Inception to me was fairly decent movie. I'd say mediocre among the good. It had time tested actors. It had a director who delivered 2008's highest grossing movie. But it was nowhere close to the "Baap" of mind bedding movies: The Matrix. The 1999 offspring would beat the crap out of Deception, oh sorry, Inception. In a war between Wachowski Brothers and Warner Brothers, Wachowskis would win hands down.

The psycho-triller started with a nascent plot revolving around Reality vs Dreams. Then came the brave hero who was hired to perfect "impossible" crime. A few motivational talks which probably were picked from Dr.Freud's dairy or Jung's notes and BAM! U have the 8/10 rated Inception. Oh, I forgot... there were dreams, more dreams, and dreams within dreams, and dreams within dreams within dreams. Like program to print the pyramid made out of asterisk with 3 levels of for-loop. (No, not the right angled pyramid)

I'd prefer Scorsese's Shutter Island anytime. It was neat, provoking, mind penetrating and above all, the anti-climax scared the shit out of me. The whole movie was unraveled like a twisted puzzle, which was put together piece by piece. Truly a treat for anyone who has affinity towards psychology.

The movie was about planting an idea in the human brain and the director, and the Hollywood studio succeeded. They planted an idea, a resilient parasite as they call it the movie... and that idea spread like an endemic. They convinced people that this is great movie, the would-be-legendary-cult-following silver screen epic. USP: "Its a movie for the intellectuals". Wow! The general crowd whose allegiance lies with the mindless chick flicks thronged the theaters simply because they could feel intelligent after watching it. This was like a short cut, so that one would be counted among the elite intelligentsia. Redemption through Inception. All u need to do is watch the movie, praise it and spread the word. (Extra points if you paste an Inception quote on Facebook) Bravo Mortals! Post movie, I am pretty sure a very large chunk of the people will be incapable of explaining the "fundas" of Inception. I pity the people... victims of the very concept they liked/want to like/pretended to like.

Movies remind me of my good friend Comet. This is what he had to say after watching Requiem for a Dream: "Oh man ..watched requim for a dream yesterday....abso-fuckin-lutely awwsome ....!!! but the sad part is i watched it with a bunch of ignorants... you know the 'jab we met' ..'love stories are so cool' types... while one guy just dozed off...another 2 kept asking me what the 'concept' was ? who is she man ? is she high ? on what ??.. horrible experience i say... i am never watching movies with friends again... and this one guy asked me if Jennifer Conelly was a guy or a girl .... which completely wrecked the 'ass-to-ass' scene for me ! had to use all the self control i had to not to punch him in the nose... bye man .. will watch it again."

The Firelord Ozais of the Hollywood-land who attack the world with their cunning strategies and marketing blitz better know this; TheChaosMonger, The Last Mindbender is still here. (Yay me!) Better luck next time Mr.Nolan. Muhuhahahahahaaaaaa!