Monday, May 31, 2010

The Lament of Chaosmonger - 3

The jinxed 90's generation of India. Ahh! Intellectually deprived and so full of shit. Visit your nearest mall if you have not seen a specimen of this species I am taklin about. I recently noticed that a good friend on mine had joined a community on FB, "I was BORN between 1980 and 1989!!! The last SANE generation!!"... sounds so true to me.

16 years of age and you already have a boy/girl friend... I know its the age where the raging hormones are hard to suppress and the biological process of having babies would generate more interest than anything else, but c'mon! Earn a living first. You are practically living off your parents. Jesus!

I was told recently that the car is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity now. You can pity my general awareness, which you might think is squalid at best. Teens detest they very thought of using the public transport. To them, buses are the means of transport which is reserved for 2nd grade citizens. The next best thing they can think of after a car and bike is an auto. Oh yes, the auto. When a spoilt bitch waves her delicate manicured hands and yells, "Auto!" and all she intends to do is travel to a place which is less than 500 meters away, we then know that something is wrong with them for sure. Whom am I kidding now? I can't point my fingers at the FB generation alone. Clearly, the parents will have to share the blame. A 14 year old urban upstart gal owns more number of sandals than the number of hair you can find on the scrotum of a 14 year old chap from the 3rd world.

Wait, there is more. I've noticed this strange way of wearing T-shirts among the teens. They fold the sleeves up to shoulder level. What so cool about folded sleeves? First I thought it was a just a vulgar display of non-existent biceps. I later realized that it was a "style" that was spreading like an epidemic. Look people, it is absolutely normal to wear a T-shirt the conventional way. If you want to display the recent butterfly tattoo that you got on your shoulder or you want to show off you protein-shake biceps, then please go buy yourselves a sleeveless top.

For the benefit of mentally impoverished, I've prepared an illustration.