Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lament of Chaosmonger - 2

And Incessant whining continues....
Warning: Digressive post.

"We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people."
- Arthur Schopenhauer.

Well, if I already know that change is inevitable and stopping it is impossible, why then do I write this post? Heck. I don't know. We all get pissed off when things around us change. Especially when we have already adapted to our surroundings. Nobody likes to get out of their comfort zones. Not all changes are for the good. Again, "good" is subjective... (Am I getting eccentric or what?)

Most Indians are chauvinistic idiots who still dwell in the past and like to feel proud about themselves by constantly reminding everyone about how great their tradition, culture and values are. Dumb witted morons have not achieved anything significant ever since the invention of zero and in spite of all the obvious and visible failures we don't give up chest beating. Exploited and used in the past, present and the future.

I dare not say that we are intellectually incapacitated race. I am not getting into this "Nature Vs Nurture" debate but I can predict with certainty that nature does matter. I know a Honda City cant do a 0-60 in 3 seconds. What surprises me is that we lost the race when we had plenty of Veyrons, Zondas and McLarens among us(Heck! even the cars are not Desi). I am just making a modest attempt at trying and understanding the reason for our collective failure. The first answer that my brain threw at me was "our great tradition, culture and values ". People still think non-compliance with religious rules/guidelines is unhealthy for the society and can lead to the individual's banishment to the fiery Hell. So you can either get fried in hell or score virgins in heaven (or whatever fantasy you chose to believe).

Stagnation is bad but change sometimes can be worse . Evolution is the key to survival and success but carving out a whole new sub species within a matter of 6-7 years is bad. The Yahoo-Google generation is gone. It is now the dawn of the Facebook-Twitter generation who know the meaning of "F" word right when they are in 4th grade. The mindset of urban India is comparable to any western society. As Santana says, "See as the rich is getting richer, The poor is getting poorer". The upma and batata poha have now been replaced with pancakes and orange juice. Its Mediterranean cuisine for the Sunday brunch and Italian for the dinner.

You know what haunts me more? Its the growing indifference in me. I don't like to do anything these days. I don't get "me time". No, its not "my time". Its "me time". Its the time where I can read, learn, imitate, improvise... play mind games n wrestle with my own brain. My learning curve has taken a plunge and is about to hit the x-axis. I never wanted to be this guy. Probably you'd be wondering whats keeping me so busy that I don't get time for myself. I know I am not a investment banker who has to slog 100+ hours every week. I somehow feel that my brain is becoming sterile now.

Is this is best what India's sunshine sector can offer? I feel they are creating brain-dead zombies out perfectly healthy and intelligent people. Putting a vacuum pump into peoples' head and sucking their brains out. Lobotomizing the youth and teaching them how to wear a tie in return. (yea, like we already didn't know) Its so bad that I've started to suck at the most trivial tasks. Sometimes I cant face myself. I don't want to be one of those intellectually handicapped teenager who is fooled into believes he is doing white collared work. It suffocating sometimes. The private sector, IT especially, once applauded for its governance have now wholeheartedly accepted the inherent corporate red tape and the cheap politics.

Remembered a joke, indulge me if you can.
Phases of a project:
1 -- Exultation
2 -- Disenchantment
3 -- Search for the Guilty
4 -- Punishment of the Innocent
5 -- Praise for the Uninvolved
(Yes, you can LOL.....and mock)

Mixed feelings people, mixed feelings. Jinxed! I feel the whole nation needs psychotherapy. Any volunteers who can help these fools unlearn the bullshit taught over 2 millennia?