Friday, April 3, 2009

Songs of The GODS

Feb 15th, 3 p.m. and I am all set wearing my Best of the Beast T-shirt… geared up for the Iron Maiden Concert. I had come to Bangalore to see the GODS perform. Man! What a feeling it was. I came alone to the concert. Yes, all ****ing alone. Not one dog to accompany me….. Eddie will come in your dreams and scare you to death and you will end up wetting your bed. Bloody bollywood bitten jerks… These are the retards who watch gay movies from Chopra and Johar stable. Some people wanted to come but couldn’t make it…… I respect that. Some just dint want to come. Hope they get rabies and syphilis.

I was at the gates of palace grounds and what a scene it was. Almost every person was wearing the black Iron Maiden T-shirt (some assholes were wearing Metallica and Slayer Ts ….. This is Blasphemy). There were kids, uncles n aunties, grandpas and grannies…. I even saw a person with crutches. Watching all of ‘em I realized that “Eddie Effect” was far more intense than what I presumed it would be in India.

It took me some time to get settled. I decided to have Pav Bhaji and a soft drink for which I stood in the long queue waiting for my turn. I finished filling my stomach. I was back, standing closer to the smaller stage, head banging. Things started to move in the center stage. It was time for Parikrama’s gig. People started moving closer. I had occupied a strategic location, quite close to the stage and surrounded by hot chicks with ‘goth’ look. Suddenly I started to feel pressure in my bladder. I did not want to test my bladder’s endurance so I decided to take a pee. Before I knew someone else occupied my "strategic location". My bladder let me down.

I go to the toilet only to find ceramic sinks fitted to a plywood structure. I pull my zipper down and do my work. But the universe would not let me piss in peace. A drunken guy kicked the structure and the entire thing fell down. Police ran in and there was lathi charge. I was in a helpless position with my pee-pee in hand. I shouted for mercy. The constable must have felt pity on me…. I was spared.

I was standing pretty far from the center stage. I missed my old place. Parikrama was there but the crowd wouldn’t stop the relentless chant “Maiden”. I must confess that I am not much of a Parikrama fan and I’ve not heard most of their numbers either…. But their performance that day truly deserved applause. They played a song with Hebrew name(I forgot the name, sorry), “Am I dreaming” and “Tears of the wizard”. The last two were inspired by Lord of the Rings (hehe haha). Lotr Rules! Heard of any bands getting inspiration from Harry Butthole ***** Potter, eh? I will soon write a poem n dedicate it to Harry’s infinite gayness.

Ok, back to the show. Parikrama was done and it was time for the GODS to descend and enthrall all the metalheads gathered there. The stage blacked out. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for pioneers of British heavy metal. They came with a bang…. “Children of the Damned”. Music that would blow your brains away. The crowd was totally turned on by numbers like Aces high, Hallowed by thy name, Run to the hills, Number of the beast, Wasted years and Iron Maiden. When they played Trooper and Fear the of the Dark everyone had musical orgasm. It dint matter whether you knew the person standing next to you. You sing together, you bang your heads together, you talk like you knew each other for years. There were Indians, Caucasians, Africans and Chings ….. Color did not matter. Only thing that mattered was that everyone worshipped Maiden.

The concert ended but the crowd just had one resounding demand, “We want more!”. I took a bow to the Gods. I started walking to a place where traffic would be less punishing. I was exhausted and found a decent place to sit. Every bike or car carrying Maiden fans would see me sitting ( me = Yet another metalhead wearing Maiden Tshirt) and raise their fist and shout “Ye!”. I was more than happy to reciprocate. Some even offered a lift. I finally called my brother-in-law and he came to pick me up. Thanks to him and my cousin for being lovely hosts….moreover, I got to eat “Ghar ka Khana”.

Hope the GODS will be back next year, every year. Blissssss….