Friday, December 25, 2009

Misadventures at the Deccan Rock Fest

Hola Phantom-Readers,

Had been to Bangalore/luru 2 weeks back to watch the Vikings play at Palace Grounds.... so here goes the story.

I'd decided that I'll be going to watch Amon Amarth when the rumors were making rounds that they'd coming to India. My friend Mastermind Maddy was an accomplice in this act. The show was organized by some an event management company which I believe is quite new to the gig scene. Now these organizers are not good at what they do. Why? Coz when I reached the venue at 3:30 there was no place where drinking water was available. Sitting in an open ground with scorching sun over my head, there was little what I could do. Friends to the rescue... :)

Things started moving on the stage but the sound checks and the arrangement/re-arrangement plagued the concert. Just to put a disclaimer, I am not a big fan of Death Metal/Black Metal and their sister concerns. No offence to the fans, but to me its just a bunch people gargling on the stage with their constipated voices. You might be wondering WTF was I doin there, right? Its the melody that draws me... and some of the bands played amazing numbers that made my trip worthwhile.

Eccentric Pendulum, winners of the deccan rock competition, started the concert. Honestly, they were good. I couldn't connect with Undying Inc and Bhayanak Maut. Yeah, they fell into the constipated sounding bands category. I loved Inner Sanctum. Kryptos was amazing. Although there were booed by the crowd (and me) for carrying the Liverpool scarf, they dint dissapoint. Demonic Resurrection was superb. Their funeral groove left me banging my head like crazy.

I was separated from the pack when a mosh pit went really wild... I got pushed a few feet back.

(Enter a cute girl with her videshi friend.....)

I was busy headbanging. Yeah, this time it was the windmill style.... And this girl comes to me and asks my name, phone number and email id...

(Voice in my head: Is this happening for real? I know I am not drunk.... guess my bad days are over)

Then she hands me a pamphlet which read "Save the climate, Act now! Greenpeace".... I was supposed to write my name, phone number and email id on the pamphlet. Such a let down! Damn!

After making an ass out of myself, got back to the business... It was the turn of Textures to take the stage. I dont want to make a judgement call about the band... maybe some people do like them, but I did not. Its plain monotonic sound with little variation did not leave me impressed.

It was time for the Nordic Gods to take the stage. I was gasping for breath by then... the dance of death I'd performed for Demonic Resurrection's numbers drained my energy. Johan comes and surprises me with his voice... Man! Is he a human or what? One hellova growl! The Vikings played Free Will Sacrifice, Death In Fire, Asator (which drove me nuts), Live for the Kill, Guardians of Asgard n others... Amazing show. It was 10:30 pm and the police made sure that the organizers wrapped up. The metalheads however were starving for more... Wish the Vikings had played some of their signature numbers. It was a good show nonetheless.

We knew that the transport system turns ugly after 10:30... I along with 2 other friends had to rush to Murugeshpalya to avoid getting fleeced by auto drivers. We managed to get a bus. My chuddy-buddy Sandy and other kindred spirits generously offered me VIP suite at their place. May Thee be touched by His Noodly Appendage! Y'all rock!


The Rebel said...

I hear ya on all that. Textures was really plain. Like they knew no more than one chord.

And Amon Amarth. Man, they rule!

P.S. Did you notice what it said on the back of the ticket? "All pagers and cell phones must be switched off or in silent mode". Now that is a seriously WTF line.

TheChaosmonger said...

Ya... The event was not organized well. Even a place in toilet was rationed. I had a hard time convincing the guy not to be cruel to my bladder. I however decided that I'll provide nourishing nitrates to the trees nearby.. I couldn't wait for my turn.

I was expecting Under the Northern Star and more songs from their latest album. It was a good show nonetheless.

Satan said...

your're right, wtf were you even doing in an all metal concert?
roll up in a corner and listen to emo music boy.

TheChaosmonger said...

Hey faggot! Oh... so you are one of those dim witted chumps who thinks listening to harsher flavors of metal would compensate for your Mangina's presence? Btw n00b, ever heard of melodic, symphonic, folk metal?

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...