Monday, June 8, 2009

Steamless Post

An nyoung Readers,

My life has been full of shit. Nothing bad has happened but then its not what it used to be before. I've lost the interest to write. Blogging is spontaneous... it just happens. Its the interest that I don't have. Now I know why people begin cribbing once they start working. I feel my gray matter is decaying. I am slow. The processing speed has become worse than a Celeron machine. I cant crack the "connect quizzes" like I used to. Weekends go wasted. Sleep and sleep more. My successive posts are becoming progressively bad. Worse, they are becoming mediocre.

Happiness is not something that persists for long. Universe just fucks the happiness out of my life. I don't know where I am heading. I feel like a formula-1 driver driving blindfolded.

The song "Space-Dye Vest" by Dream Theater captures this moment just right. Do listen to it. Trust me, its hard for any human being to dislike it. Don't blame me if this song starts haunting you.

Last few lines go like this:

"There's no one to take my blame
if they wanted to
There's nothing to keep me sane
and it's all the same to you
There's nowhere to set my aim
so I'm everywhere
Never come near me again
do you really think I need you
I'll never be open again, I could never be open again.
I'll never be open again, I could never be open again.
And I'll smile and I'll learn to pretend
And I'll never be open again
And I'll have no more dreams to defend
And I'll never be open again"

My guitarist friend Syd deserves a special mention here for telling me about this song. A million Thanks buddy. I love the way the whole band kicks in at the end. Bless Kevin Moore. Portnoy's drums are flawless as usual. Cant even think of playing this song... I fuck things up badly when I play 16th notes.

Hope the much needed "come back" will happen soon. Bye till then.


tina FCD said...

Yeah, it happens...shit happens. I'm a crappy blogger to begin with anyway though. :P

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

All you need is a little "spice" in your life. Look around. :)

Check out the new Dream Theater concert Chaos in Motion DVD. Simply brilliant. So you guys have a band there in Infy and jam every week or so? Theres nothing here man and even if it was there before it is now defunct i guess.

TheChaosmonger said...

Don't worry, you'll get better.

they have sealed the drum set in a room. stupid place. music room is under construction. just 1000 people here... not found any with good taste of music. People suck. Ask them what Pink Floyd is. They might say its an amusement park. No chicks either.