Thursday, March 27, 2008

Menace of the Evil bird

Sunday, 23rd March.....
around 4 P.M. IST.....
I was about to boot my machine....
Something happened.......
Evil raised its ugly head......
And I was caught by surprise...

A bird, a evil bird sneaks into my house though the open window. Hell breaks open....
This bird goes on an offensive, compromising the security of the living room and my room. I wait for the bird to fly out by itself, but the bitch that it is, doesn't. Instead it leaves behind its unholy droppings on my bed and other places.

These are a few exclusive photographs from the "Bird in my house" episode.... watch the devastation for yourself.

The bird is all set to poop on the bed

The evil bird missed my new E51 by a few inches..... phew!

The Evil bird hates Cryptography and Network security.
See what it did to my book....

The bird finally escaped.... what a relief! But the damage had already been done: bird droppings in every corner of my room. Although I am a lacto-vegetarian, I'd love to eat this bird, the Flying bitch.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink Floyd, Shine on forever....

It was today on March 17th, the first Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of The Moon was released. I take this occasion to salute the Gods of psychedelic rock.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Save Tibet

Horrifying crimes and unspoken horrors were always committed against Tibetans ever since the annexation of Tibet in 1959 and none managed to get the attention of media or the pseudo defenders of human rights, including the big brother USA, save the few micro pints of sympathy. A year back or so, a local Kannada news paper had covered the story of Tibetans and their tortured lives with photos which melted even my heart..... the Chinese assholes didn't even spare the children. I wish those assholes get penis cancer.

The protests have sparked again in the wake of Beijing Olympics. The Chinese Left brigade will leave no stone unturned to suppress the protests by Tibetans who have been staying as prisoners in their own land. Figures suggest over 100 Tibetans were killed by the Chinese.

If anyone is alien to Tibetans culture n religion, I suggest you go to your nearest DVD rental store and bring home a movie called "Seven years in Tibet", starring Brad Pitt. Beautiful movie which depicts the tragic tale.

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."
- Gautama Buddha,
Thathagatha,the greatest man who ever walked this earth, the only human.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Freaking Talibanization

A notice popped up in the college recently: " Men cannot wear low-waist jeans, cargos and T-shirts with printed messages on them. Girls cannot wear Sleeveless tops.....n blah blah ".

Jesus! The US n its allies have struck Taliban but they have ignored thier cousins in India. These are not the religious fundamentalists who'd bomb others. This is the new breed of cultural Taliban in India...yes, the so-called defenders of the "tradition and rich heritage" (bullcrap!). I suggest these guys consider reverting back to the real heritage of Homo erectus. Promote nudity, losers. What good does a hot chick serve if she does not wear revealing clothes??

Yes, India does have a very rich heritage and tradition which has to be preserved, but not at the cost of Freedom of Expression. Had our semi-primate ancestors thought of preserving their "rich tradition", we'd still be roaming nude ( sounds fun though). One of the primary reasons for India's ascent as a "would be superpower", which honestly will never happen, is the large English speaking population. Did we not give up Sanskrit for English? Dhoti for pants? and kurta for shirt? When will the assholes learn!!?!

Evolve, adapt n survive....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The post that couldn't make it on time....

This post was supposed to be up by sunday morning (the lazy ass that I am).... but its better late than never. So here it goes....

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending Pulse, western music event @ INCIDENT 2008....and what an evening it was. It is one of those few occasions where i get to listen to good western music, live. The first half was the best and i enjoyed it to the core. Bands from Bangalore played great tracks and most of 'em were their original compositions. Few bands had females as their lead singers which was something difficult to find earlier. The second half had all the doom/death/trash metal bands lined up and I am not much of a death metal lover. No offense to the death metal fans, but they had "constipated voices".

The sad part, however, was that the crowd was much lesser than the previous years. Even among the ones that showed up, more than 30% could hardly relate to western music..... except for knowing the names of some popular bands. I bet u my ass, good number of them might have come there expecting tracks by bands like Back Street Boys, Linkin Park et al. Some people still live in the 90's.

The crowd constituted of metal heads occupying the first rows closest to the stage, ( doing what they are supposed to do.....yeah, headbang) followed by the "I love bollywood types" who performed a few "item numbers" in between, dancing the bollywood way to alternative rock. Then there were music lovers who's asses were stuck to the ground. Few boys who flaunted their girlfriends also showed up ( some girls are allergic to metal... i could see some making faces as though they were having periods).

I could hardly see familiar faces from my college..... except for the very few metalheads ( we are endangered species in my college). Jesus! Even rickshaw drivers of surathkal had turned up that day ( I ain't joking)

Oh, i forgot to mention about this new fact of the month that just dethroned the earlier one.
Two of every seven male dogs is homosexual".
Now, beat that...... sucker!

[ u can also read kitta's incident 2008 summary ]

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fact of the month

In a study done at Cornell University, it was found that atheists were 63 percent more likely to return a wallet found on the street than self-described Christians. The research was done with a planted wallet and a hidden camera.

hahahaaa.... looks like theists are the ones who will go to hell, along with the self indulgent pseudo gods(yeah, all of 'em).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quote of the month

"The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends."
- Friedrich Nietzsche