Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Obituary to my Cell Phone

E51 died (stolen) on 30-11-2008 at a bus stand in Mysore(India).

He was bought somewhere in January by his owner, The ChaosMonger. He served as a therapist (awesome metal collection), a guide(wifi enabled, which allowed me to suck the free bandwidth out of college WLAN), a friend(who never complanied, other than battery charging ofcourse) and above all a wonderful phone.

He survived 4 crashes and yet worked well. He was a companion in my supposedly "patentable " Acedamic Project. He worked as hard as me and my project associates..... staying awake with me till 3 a.m while I run trials after modifing the code(no compiler available, PyS60)). He even served as a running platform for another project group(my friends' J2ME project). I, His sole relative and his dad pray to the almighty F.S.M that he gets treated well by his future dad(who that cocksucker is). He will remain loyal to me even after parting (phone gets locked if you remove the SIM).... but the someone will find a way around and erase all my memories from his 128 MB RAM.

He will soon be replaced by a very cheap replacement. If mobile phones have a heart/soul/watever then I want my baby phone to know that I may adopt a new phone but his place in my heart will never be replaced by any other phone(no, not even a Vertu). Hope the guy who stole you from me dies of cancer (I am an unforgiving animal). I have cursed him with every curse that I knew. Although I always wanted to write a program to reveal your connected IP address (if using the internet), I could not find a way to automate it.

Your accomplishments will never be forgotten by me and my friends who have come to know you. Hope you forgive me (crap! I am almost in tears now.... ). Will miss you buddy... farewell... Godspeed.



Jan 2008-Now 2008.


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

What the...!! If I read your post earlier maybe I would have been careful. Some mofo flicked my phone in a jampacked BMTC bus in the night two days ago. Except the financial loss I aint got no sentiments but I would also like to point out that I also would not forgive these scumbags who live by stealing from others. Let him die of scrotal cancer( I am being more precise).

And,what about the phone locking and all? How do you accomplish that man? And was it pickpocketed in the rush? Please don't feel bad for all these queries because I am too in the same damned situation.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

oh sad..hope u come out ur mobile's demise ill feelings asap..:P

TheChaosmonger said...

First, apologies for replying late. Had no access to net from past 2 weeks.

@ Kitta,

Ya, the phone gets locked wen the battery is removed. My bad luck, I tried to get into the zombie bus again. There is a dedicated group of cell phone flickers in the city bus stand. And they flicked it from my jeans (testimony to their skills). But locking part it useless... they can flush the RAM.

Later I thought that I can disable the phone if I give the IMEI number to service provider, but sadly I ain't a VIP. So the service providers will not care to go through all that pain to black list my phone.

Condolences accepted. Thanks man.