Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are Human beings born stupid? Well, some are...

Well I'll try to cram up max stuff within the minimun time that I have.... dont mind people, this is the best I can do. Lets dive into the theme.....

Are some people born stupid? Do they like to be stupid? Pretending to be stupid maybe.... This is what one guy working in the same company as I do had to say. I demand someone gas this scumbag (mustard, nerve...anything as long as he dies). Even a chimpanzee is smarter than this guy.

"General Question/doubt ..
What is the cost for sending one e-mail from our mailbox and who pays and who actually gets paid for it.
I’m asking this question because of the chain mails we get which say “Every time you forward this it will add 5 cents per email ID to AOL and they will deposit it into my bank account. This will help *********** ”
Just wanted to know how this works??

Stupidity is your birth right, go grab it son! I have serious doubts on the success of Homo sapiens as a species. How long will I have I have to wait for artificial intelligence? Damn!

I take this opportunity to announce that Season -2 will start soon [rejoice mortals] long as there are stupid assholes in this world I'll never run out of topics to blog about. Sayonara.

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