Monday, October 27, 2008

Post of 'n'th order - Part 3

It really hurts when the converted Christians support the inquisition (like it was some kind of salvation for them). Pope dint waste much time to criticize the violence in, I don't support the violence. I'd call for castrating the animals in public who burnt the orphanage. Don't the people of Goa deserve an apology from the Pope? (not that I care) It took the Vatican 400 years to give an apology for the treatment meted out to Galileo Galilee. So i don't expect any apology anytime time soon(unless a miracle happens).

"The word 'Christianity' is already a misunderstanding - in reality there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross."
- Friedrich Nietzsche.

Ok, enough of Christian bashing.

Let me do surgery on modern Hinduism. Its was beautiful religion but a failed religion nonetheless. Still plagued by Caste system and senseless rituals. A woman from a lower caste was killed a few months back in Uttar Pradesh because her shadow fell on a person of higher caste. I myself have been ill treated sometimes. Wondering how did that happen? Saraswats had started to eat fish which other Brahmins (people from the highest caste) believe is against the brahminical code. Sometimes survival demands certains adaptations and compromises to be made. I personally wouldn't hesitate to kill a human and eat him/her if that is what it takes to survive.

"Man is the religious animal. He is the only religious animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion –- several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat, if his theology isn't straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother's path to happiness and heaven."
- Mark Twain.

Moral of the Story?
God if any is a jerk. The almighty God who likes to be praised all time. The religions inhibit free thinking. Lets see wat God has to say about this.

"Worship Me or I Will Torture You Forever. Have a Nice Day.
- luv, God.

Atheism is Salvation. No gods, no religious obligations and no crap. Atheists are not god can hate something that does exist. How can you hate a non-existent God,huh? :-D We are not devil worshippers either...coz we dont believe in the devil.

There is no hell or heaven. We have got one chance to do something good on this earth. Lets all spend our days in peace.

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.
Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.
Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."

So, here we the end.(I wish I could indulge in more religion bashing...I've to leave. Its time for the bus)

What did I get out of this blog? Nothing, only crap [Oh! I forgot the chappals that a female threw @ me]. But I must admit that I've had a sense of satisfaction telling about stuff that I'd never do in real life.

Do feel free to comment on any of the previous posts. Here we come, to the end of Season 1. I honestly have not thought about a Season 2....Mother Google will be unhappy about this.

Parting Quote:
Uich gwennen na 'wanath ah na dhín. An uich gwennen na ringyrn ambar hen. Boe naid bain gwannathar, Boe cuil ban firitha. Boe naer gwannathach.

Translation: You are not bound to loss and silence. For you are not bound to the circles of this world. All things must pass away, All life is doomed to fade… Sorrowing you must go.

(source: Breath Of Life from Lord of The Rings, the most beautiful fantasy movie)

Starting a new journey I am...wish me luck you should. Godspeed readers... May the Force be with us.

Yours Watever,


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Jesus Christ! Absolutely scintillating ! Was on a vacation for 10 days and hence was away from the blogosphere and today happened to read all the posts of the 'n'th order. Very enlightening man. I liked the sources you quoted, from Nietzche to the Rig Veda itself! Superb! Also, some interesting information about our hallowed clan. Till date I was oblivious to most of the facts including the tortures inflicted on us by the missionaries. All in the name of God eh?

Should read Nietzche some day. Have you read the whole of the Rig Veda?

TheChaosmonger said...

read it long back....was totally impressed with 10 mandala. Rest of the book is stories of rape n murder(cant expect much from herdsmen who lived 4000 yrs ago). Nietzche is kick ass philosopher... was mentally retarded by the time he died. poor fella. There was a little more masala tht i cud've added..had to leave for mysore tht day.

Stone Cold 3:16 said...

i might not have commented on many post that u hv written till now.. or should i say i might hv commented on only 2-3 posts till now.. But i read ur blog everytime i find time.. Don't ask me why.. i just like to read it.. [ i m not going to analyse why i like to read it as of now ] neways.. Don't ever stop bloggin.. [ easy for me to say , i know ] .. U are just one AwesomE package, capital A capital E..[ yeah, i spelled it right].. Hey.. Happy New year.. and May the force Be with YOU....