Monday, October 27, 2008

Post of 'n'th order - Part 2

[ contd from Part -1.... The story of Aryans settlers]

The river Sarasvati vanishes under mysterious circumstances. "The Holiest River" had now dried up. Now eat this: Guess how many times does the river Ganga's name pop up in Rig veda? Only once.
If you thought Ganga/Ganges was the holiest then think again. Ganges rose to the top spot to take Sarasvati's place.

The Sarasvati settlers, The Saraswats, now under the threat of extinction, had to relocate. A few travelled north to become the modern day Kashmiri Pandits. The rest moved towards east and south-east to Kingdom of Videha (Modern Bengal/Bihar/Nepal). Some followed the course of river which emptied into the Arabian sea and settled in the region of Kutch (Gujarat).

Probably a millenia later they moved south to Gomantak (Modern Goa) along with their Gods/Godesses. They finally had a place that they could call home. All went well until ships from western Europe started to sail in. Portuguese had arrived and they came with an intention to do a lot more than trade. One by one provinces in Goa started to fall. Every temple was razed to the ground and churches built on them. Christianity was the only way to go. Non compliance would lead to arrest.

I will now elaborate a little on the tortures inflicted on the victims....(This is my fav part)
1] Victims would be tied with a rope, both hand and legs. They would be pulled up and dropped down. This would go on till the victim's joints get dislocated.
2] Victims were tied to an iron rod and immersed into water. You either break your back trying to free yourself or drown.
3] People were hung over fire.Occasionally they would also burn people alive in public. etc etc.

Priests stood and watched this holy ceremony of cleansing the pagans. A friend of mine also mentions that they would use needles to pierce the penis of victims. Some storied also tell about the bodies of children being dismembered in front of their parents. 1560 A.D., The Goan Inquisition had began. Sephardic Jews in Goa were also persecuted. It took the blood of innocents to establish the divinity of Christ in Goa (love thy neighbor).

"Goa is sadly famous for its inquisition, which is contrary to humanity as much as to commerce. The Portuguese monks deluded us into believing that the Indian populace was worshiping The Devil, while it is they who served him."

Saraswats had to flee. They moved further south along the coast and settled on the west coast of India in places like Karwar, Mangalore/Udupi and also Cochin. This was a brief history of Saraswats. As a remnant of this clan I thought I should pay my tribute to my history.

I dislike the religions of the desert, all 3 of them. This does not mean that I am deeply in love with Hinduism. At least I know it was not meant to be what it is right now. But for the current state of Hinduism, I despise it.

Christians have problem believing in the imaginary Hindu gods flying around in the sky but they have no problems with virgin birth. Christians have a problem with the caste system and horny Hindu gods like Indra who comes to earth with an intention of having sex with beautiful women (remember Ahalya?). But they have got absolutely no issues with Lot having incestuous relationship with his daughters. If my memory serves me right then Lot did offer his daughters to be gang raped by the people of Sodom (source: Genesis from the Holy Bible). Liberal Christians believe that Lot's act of offering his daughters was more of a "mythical story". They'd rather look at the positive side....emphasizing the fact that Lot treated strangers with kindness( heights of "athithi devo bhava"). Moses was a mass murderer. Abraham's character is seriously flawed. What standards do you expect a person to set who had sex with a slave and then lets the Pharaoh have sex with his wife?(he pretended that his wife was his sister). If Old Testament was not a religious book then it would have been a best selling horror book. Its a book full of sex, murder and violence (this holds good for all the holy books).


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