Sunday, October 26, 2008

Post of the (n-1)th order

I am home for 3 days...Ahhh.... It feels goood. The menu for 3 days was decided long back. Now I just have to hog. I miss the "ghar ka khaanaa" sooo much...I'll eat anything that mum prepares, anything. Mum couldn't be happier. Get food poisoned 4 times in a month (that averages to once every week) had its consequences on my eating habits. Forget it.... Worst part was no decent Internet access. One stupid Reliance Web World(RWW) which uses only the ancient version of Internet Explorer... It displays the blog edit in XML(couldn't get any stupid). I felt like suing Anil Ambani for the mental torture RWW inflicted on me. IE sucks! If you still don't realise that fact then you are a moron. Internet that company provides can be used but you've gotta comply with certain rules and regulation. Although their firewalls and filters are no match for my skills. I know how smart I am but I am not so sure how smart the other side is. I still wouldn't wanna get caught.

The campus is 40 minutes away from Mysore. Now, Mysore is one of the cities that has still retained the old charm. Buses from city to campus are super crowded. Bus arrives and people rush in like zombies waiting to devour the humans. Some even try to get in through the window.Jesus!.... I stand n watch.... a shocked spectator. That's it for now.... expect a bigger post within 24 hrs.

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A comeback-roopeshrn said...

haha..frustrated venki once now t trailer of ur wrath is out when is t film comin up?;-)