Friday, September 5, 2008

The Chop Suey Post

I don't feel like writing... this is not because of the inherent laziness. You see, my encounter with the civilization was minimal during the past 10 days. I prefer to waste my time doing nothing and honestly I get a great deal of satisfaction from it. So no funny events and no stupid people. This post does not have any theme... so I'll just start blabbering.

I was out of town for 3 days.... my participation in a "prestigious" project exhibition was necessary. Lot of appreciation but no prizes as usual (I thought the IISc guys were smart). No chicks either. fuck it! Oh, did I tell you we applied for a patent to a fake patent office n lost our money too? The professor who accompanied us was forced to believe in bad luck after he learnt about my sad story [more on My Fucked Up Life in a separate post] . My project associate kept nagging that there was no such thing called bad luck. Jerk! What does he know?! Its my ass that gets ripped off every time, not his. But he is basically a nice guy....he was just trying to cheer me up. After the disapointing results he kept mumbling "My dream is to fly, Over the rainbow so high"
. Nice try buddy... but you ain't that good at hiding your feelings.

Tomorrow I'll be doing last minute shopping before joining the work next week.... I am cash strapped. I'll have to ask dad to bail me out. He'll happily oblige... his only child will be joining work next week. I don't understand the obsession of the corporate sector with pseudo professionalism. I mean whats with wearing formals? Why not regular jeans or casuals? Why the neck ties and the leather shoes? Why not Ts n sandals? Btw, Bermuda shorts and white Ts are my all time fav. If I were to host a party, you know what the dress code is. Does the so called "professional" attire bring any change in the productivity? Just let your employees wear anything they want... Making people look smart doesn't make them smart.... they'll be what they always were. Does wearing corporate clothing make u feel intelligent, morons? You know what? I am more intelligent in my boxers than you guys in your stupid clothes.

Book I am reading these days is Superstar India by Shobhaa De... This female shows no mercy in mincing the right blend of words to elucidate modern India's plight. Every topic that I wanted to blog was covered in this book... and Mrs.De does an excellent job. I don't think I can blog regularly from 15th.... so just go and pick this book. Total entertainment... ekdum mast!


Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

I bought that book Superstar India for forty bucks here at Bangalore. Should give it a read. And, the dress code thing - I shelled out quite a lot of cash on formal stuff but at the place where I work, I can say the dress code is kinda lax. I guess it all depends on your manager. :)

TheChaosmonger said...

40 bucks is amazing deal. dress code is flexible @ places where u do high end work... there is no relaxation in the my case. everyone is obsessed about formals. v just have to wait for fridays... n yea, Ts with printed messages r stict no. fuck them!

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

hey buddy hope u save ur ass atleast in the cmpny and yeah try 2 b a little positive u moron..i know its tough given that u r smitten by lady 'bad luck' but still look for t better half..hope u enjoy ur job..atb..and yeah hope u dash into a **** girl in ur workplace:-)

TheChaosmonger said...

I'll try... u know wat? my watch stopped working wen i reached mysore! **** girl??? dude dont keep me in the dark... is it ugly or sexy?