Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Mumbai trip: Part-2

OK, where was I? Ahh... the movie part, OK. I was hoping for the evening tea but the bus driver stopped the bus next to a garage/shed that belonged to the bus owner... there was one small 'guudangadi' [translation: guuduu=nest , angadi=shop]. I went out to hunt for some Lays or biscuits to silence my grumbling stomach. All that shop/hotel had was goolibagey and buns in an oily aluminium tray [goolibagey and buns are local fried food...I wouldn't care to call them delicacies]. Going by the looks of the fried food I could comfortably judge that it was lying in the tray from the past 5-6 hrs....

Voice In My Head(VIMH): That thing has been lying in the tray ever since bronze age. Don't even think of eating that.

I dint buy anything. All I had was chocolates in my bag. The bus stopped 15 mins later to pick up passengers @ the next major town... I sneaked out and bought chocolate cookies. The seat next to me was still empty... and I hoped it remained unoccupied... but Damn! the bus stopped and a man in his mid 30's boarded the bus n sat next to me. Decent looking guy... but I could get the smell of ghutka/paan from him. I hate them... I hate them soooo very much that if I ever were to become the Prime Minister of India, I'd put snipers on building tops next to every public place like bus stops to blow the brains out of the spitting scum.

VIMH: You wanna do graffiti on the wall with your spit, shitface? I'll paint the wall with your brains.

We just smiled at each other and I started listening to Eternity by Stratovarius, this song is RAW BEAUTY. Every friend of mine who'd listen to the song was knocked out....a masterpiece. Make sure you give some thought to the lyrics of the song.

I reclined back and enjoyed the lush green country side as the paan eating guy next to me fell asleep[ Kismet konnection continued to play]. The paan eating guy started snoring..... I could hear his snore in spite of the song and the movie. You see, I have very keen senses esp my sense of smell.... my auditory system is very active in some frequency range. Genetic blessing.... Guess wat? I cant get fat! Chicks would envy that. My friends often ask me: "How the hell do you manage to stay slim?" All thanks to my maternal genetic lineage (Kekkei Genkai for Naruto fans...hehe). Coming back to the paan waala guy, his snore sounded like Darth Vader breathing from his helmet which honestly was somewhat comforting given that I am a Sith lord and a huge fan of the epic.

VIMH: Look, look....Man! Sounds like Vader he does... Cool it is. Forgive him I do, for his paan eating habit. Snore or Snore not... but if u do then snore like Vader.

After the brief Yoda talk inside my brain I finished eating my cookies. Now that my stomach was silenced, my brain entered in the auto-pilot mode....

Sorry kitta, no cupid adventures...very sad and disappointing, I know. More on that in the next post.

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It's just Vader breathing for 3 minutes straight! :P



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