Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Mumbai trip: Part-1

My mum wanted to visit her sister in amchi Mumbai. I said NO. I mean, c'mon! 4 yrs of hell in engineering and this is what I get!? Trip to a place I have visited sooo many times. Later, mom threatened me with sanctions that would even make Saddam Hussein cry. I finally succumbed.

Air travel is insanely expensive now and train journey did not sound safe. So we took a bus, Vishal Volvo. I was pretty happy with bus travel since you get to see the country side and have the cell phone network accessible along the road. Also, u get to watch movies... there wasn't much choice with the movies though, bollywood was the only way to go. Little did i know that an unspeakable evil awaited me.
The show began I watched Kismet Konnection... which sucked but was bearable. My eyes were set on the TV.... hoping for a decent movie. But damn!

Shabbo arts presents!
Afzal Khan production...
Staring Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and Manisha Koirala.

I watched in horror as the above lines showed up on the screen.... Boy! this movie is one heck of a ROYAL SHIT! Three hours plus of this crap and I was about to enter a state of coma. I so very hate this movie that I demand Afzal Khan be tried for Crimes against humanity. Even Slobodan Milosevic seemed like a lesser evil to me. Indian Censor Board must be disbanded for letting this abomination out.

I'd have a nervous breakdown that day if not for Sharon's soothing voice.... btw Sharon is the lead singer of Within Temptation. For beginners, try the song Memories.... also try Angels.

Allow me to summarise the movie...

Characters : Shravan Dhariwal (Sanjay Dutt), Varsha (Manisha Koirala), Karan (Ajay Devgan).

ACT 1: Shravan Dhariwal is a Big Shot in New York... but he seems to be suffering from unusually high Testosterone levels or excessive dose of Viagra. He wants to sleep with every hot women he sees. He tries to make a move on Varsha and gets slapped in the public. Now Shravan, allegedly a reformed man, approaches Varsha's father seeking her hand. Varsha's father, a smartass who deserves a perfect 800 in GMAT, convinces her to marry this playboy. Reason? "He might have slept with plenty of girls but he chose 'u' as his wife... go girl, go". They get married n have a wild and passionate plain n simple words they have Sex. Shravan reveals his true intention of avenging his insult in the public and ditches Varsha. She leaves NY.

ACT 2: Karan is staying in Budapest and is suffering from malfunctioning sixth sense or Deja vu or whatever. He has this obsession for painting a girl who appears in his dreams. His lawyer encourages him instead of taking him to a psychiatrist. The dream girl, Payal, finally shows up in Budapest where she is staying in the lawyers house. Karan expresses his feeling for Payal... she explains ACT 1 to him except the name of Shravan Dhariwal. Shit happens and they fall in love and decide to get married and fly down to Rajasthan, India.

Revelation 1: Karan is prince in Rajasthan. ( that explains y the bastard managed to own a huge mansion and live a luxurious life in Budapest with apparently no work... besides painting, of course)

Revelation 2: Shravan and Karan are brothers.

Revelation 3: Payal/Varsha is the same person. ( you'd have figured that out unless you have a single digit IQ)

Conclusion: Karan discovers about Shravan and Varsha/Payal and decides to get out of the linear equation with 3 variables by killing himself. But Shravan sacrifises himself... Karan and Varsha/Payal live happily ever after. Now the equation is reduced to Ax+By+C=0 ( A and B are not both equal to zero.)

HOLY FSM! Did u see that? huh? huh? Just the summary of the movie drove me into linear equation. I recommend the Federal agencies to use this movie to torture the criminals... They'll vomit every little secret, for sure.

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Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

LOL. Great plot! Waiting for part 2 about your cupid adventures in Amchi Mumbai...

Stone Cold "Shenoy" said...

doode.. u can't be more right about some bollywood movies...