Thursday, May 22, 2008

ManU, The undeserving lucky bastards

Finally i got to watch the champions league finals...thanks to the repeat telecast. What a match it was.... awesome.

Manchester United.... they've got plenty of luck. Bloody hell! they dint even deserve a place in the finals. The match with Barca.... Ahhh! tht wasn't even a goal! Plain fluke. I could've done better than Scholes with my eyes blindfolded.

I desperately wanted ManU to lose.... (Barca's loss avenged!) but fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony ( ok, i flicked this one from matrix). But then, my anti-alchemist theory was too strong for the universe to ignore. Ugly luck played an ugly part in the game.... Chelsea played with 10 men n still kicked ManU's ass! Way to go boys!

I couldn't resist myself from venting out my anger.... I feel better now.

[ Dear Drogba, please see to it that you target the balls and not the cheeks next time ]

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salman said...

i know i am a year and a half late... totally agree with u....