Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indians, The Chauvinistic Morons : Part 1

Yes, u heard me right....Chauvinistic Morons. Why? I've got reasons to say so. Lemme dissect it for u:

Economic times dated 7 April 2008: Indra Nooyi, the India-origin CEO of beverages major PepsiCo, earns over 81 times more than the world's richest man Warren Buffett in terms of her annual pay packet. Nooyi received an annual compensation to the tune of $14.74 million in 2007 as compared to just $0.18 million drawn by Buffett who heads Berkshire Hathway, which is into life insurance and annuity sales, among others.

Also given were the annual pay packages of Vikram pandit of the ailing Citigroup ( $3.16 million=17 times that of Buffet) and Rajiv L Gupta of speciality chemicals maker Rohm & Haas ( $7.26 million, nearly 40 per cent higher than that of Buffett )

This is called "What the Fuck" news. Warren Buffet, worth $62 billion is a genius in every sense. Someone with a very humble beginning has risen to glorious heights. Also known as the Oracle of Omaha, this man decides to give away all his fortune to charity. He lives in the same house in the central Dundee neighborhood of Omaha that he bought in 1958 for $31,500, today valued at around $700,000. Compare this to Mukesh Ambani's Antilia , his $2 billion worth house for a family of 5 people, what a jerk!

Lets apply some common sense here.... Why would Buffet, with his $62 billion, want any salary? But we Indians have a obsession with "my ass is better than yours" philosophy, "showing off" you see. Well, the morons could have done a better job by comparing the Indian CEOs' salary with Steve Jobs. Mr.Jobs takes home a nominal pay package of $1 annually. OMG! WTF!? Indra Nooyi's annual compensation is $14.74 million times greater than Steve Jobs.....


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A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Totally agree with you dude.We have a penchant to show off things unlike our counterparts else where in the world.May be thats the reason the divide between rich and poor is increasing day by day.