Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Signs

Dear Men,
Our time on earth is over.... The signs are showing up.

First Penis Thefts in Congo: This is much talked about news. Men loosing penis... Awww! Its like a black mamba without fangs. link
Why would someone steal a penis? I evaluated some possibilities:
Evil sorcerers ask their clients ( in their +60's) to sacrifice 10 dicks for everlasting erection. I'd suggest them to visit any porn site and sign up. They'd receive plenty of offers with attractive discounts on viagra n cialis. That should solve the problem.
OR maybe the voodoo doctors might just come up with the first voodoo dick ( voice automated with speech recognition). Welcome to the world of organic dildos.

The Third Eye speaks: 40% of male population is non-penile ( politically correct term for dickless). Penis rights groups pop up everywhere. Discrimination against the non-penile, they form a lobby and demand affirmative action in US and reservation in India ( birth of political parties like Bina lund paksh which would "rise to the occasion"). Use of the word dickless is considered derogatory and offensive. Any use could lead to a 2 year jail term. Paris Hilton accuires a a fake dick. My-crow-soft launches its next OS which also comes in a special non-penile edition.

Ban on Fake testicles on vehicles : Testicles, the pride of man. Majestic balls with mane hanging around gives men an air of superiority. Fake testicles add to the pleasure by constantly reminding them of what they own..... THE BALLS. Ban on the fake ones would lead to exponential rise in accidents. link

Save Men.... and their jewels.


A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Sarcastic,witty,humorous and above all 'breaking all the censor board rules'!!..thats how I sum up your blog:-).Dude had my ass rolling on the floor running through your blog.grrttttt.I simply wonder how on earth do you choose such topic to write on..

Stone Cold "Shenoy" said...

dude.. i m reading ur blog after long time.. man.. i hv literally no words to describe u.. Force be with u...