Monday, April 21, 2008

First encounter with a blog spammer

13 hours ago Telefone VoIP left a comment on my post "Fact of the Month". It went something like this:

"Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Telefone VoIP, I hope you enjoy. The address is http://blahblah. A hug. "

I used a tunnel to visit the jerk's blog..... ahh, Portuguese blog with only one post on some phone crap. Trying to garner free publicity by telling nice things about people, eh?! Not gonna work.

I've got two things to say to this moron:
1] Learn English
2] Stop spamming. I hate spammers.

The comments on his/her only post were so lame that I couldn't help laughing. Take a look at this one for example: "Hey thanks for the comment, your blog is also likeable, well the info of the phone could be helpful."

"blog is likeable" =)) "info of the phone could be helpful" ..... too much yaar.

Get a life Sucker!


eastpaw said...

Isn't it amazing what lame tricks spammers get up to?

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Oh,never knew people can stoop to such low means to get their product gain momentum in the market.Actually very surprising!!well said by you"get a life sucker"!!