Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Bane of Stupidity

A cultural festival in my college, phew! Public display of idiotica. Idiotica is to idiots what erotica is to erotic [ bad analogy, i know]. Well, somethings don't change and somethings cant change.

As i expected, it was a flop show. I was there for dance(watching babes shake their hips) and quiz(my neuro-tonic). The dance event was plagued by breaks n jerks in the background tracks. The CDs provided by the participating groups had to take all the blame since they were scratched, allegedly all of 'em. Hmm.... strange.

The General Quiz was a real disaster and a big let down.

Prelims: Logic design, Basic Electronics, Biology and Chemistry revisited. Questions included finding out 10's complement of numbers, finding logical expression to represent a circuit, some problems on op-amps n loads of electronic crap. Added to this there were enzymes, wierd microscopes n chemicals. There were three questions on Harry Potter which i din't know [ you know me, I hate that son of a bitch Harry].

The finals: Some moron who never did his homework was the quizmaster. He was into Human Resource.
Finals: 50% talk on HR topics + 50% stupid questions = 100% bullcrap.

Each question had 4 options to choose from. Every question in the PowerPoint presentation was followed a slide which had the answer. After each question the quiz master said "Lets find out answer. Go to the next slide please". The quiz master clearly had no clue of the answer for any question. Some slides even contained the way in which the answer was supposed to be pronounced: "ec-kid-na" for echidna. Get a life sucker!

Stupid quizzes have become a part of the college fest now just like the fashion weeks with wardrobe malfunctions, inseparable.

One last question for the you

The Quiz was
1) Stupid
2) Retarded
3) blasphemous
4) All of the above.

No points for guessing the answers.


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