Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The post that couldn't make it on time....

This post was supposed to be up by sunday morning (the lazy ass that I am).... but its better late than never. So here it goes....

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending Pulse, western music event @ INCIDENT 2008....and what an evening it was. It is one of those few occasions where i get to listen to good western music, live. The first half was the best and i enjoyed it to the core. Bands from Bangalore played great tracks and most of 'em were their original compositions. Few bands had females as their lead singers which was something difficult to find earlier. The second half had all the doom/death/trash metal bands lined up and I am not much of a death metal lover. No offense to the death metal fans, but they had "constipated voices".

The sad part, however, was that the crowd was much lesser than the previous years. Even among the ones that showed up, more than 30% could hardly relate to western music..... except for knowing the names of some popular bands. I bet u my ass, good number of them might have come there expecting tracks by bands like Back Street Boys, Linkin Park et al. Some people still live in the 90's.

The crowd constituted of metal heads occupying the first rows closest to the stage, ( doing what they are supposed to do.....yeah, headbang) followed by the "I love bollywood types" who performed a few "item numbers" in between, dancing the bollywood way to alternative rock. Then there were music lovers who's asses were stuck to the ground. Few boys who flaunted their girlfriends also showed up ( some girls are allergic to metal... i could see some making faces as though they were having periods).

I could hardly see familiar faces from my college..... except for the very few metalheads ( we are endangered species in my college). Jesus! Even rickshaw drivers of surathkal had turned up that day ( I ain't joking)

Oh, i forgot to mention about this new fact of the month that just dethroned the earlier one.
Two of every seven male dogs is homosexual".
Now, beat that...... sucker!

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The Rebel said...

Let me start off by stating that I am a fellow atheist, an avid metalhead and another engineer-to-be. Obviously, I agree with you on a lot of things you write about.

Now, what stirred me to comment was this line- "Some people still live in the 90's". It was targeted at BSB n LP fans whom I loathe to no end. But the comment has a fault behind it.
Most metalheads I know of live in the 80's. You might've come across ppl who listen only to prior-Black album Metallica, or people who think that Nirvana is the "best-ever", or people who say all new age metal is crap, or those who haven't listened and liked a newer artist than say In Flames or Dark Tranquility.. I dunno if you know bout em 'coz they have kinda constipated voices, but they're 1990 bands.

From all I've seen till now, I can say you're a Pink Floyd fan [a 1960's band]. You're probably up-to-date with new albums of old artists, but I have to ask, how much "out of the 90's" or "in the present" are you?

[No offense]