Sunday, March 9, 2008

Freaking Talibanization

A notice popped up in the college recently: " Men cannot wear low-waist jeans, cargos and T-shirts with printed messages on them. Girls cannot wear Sleeveless tops.....n blah blah ".

Jesus! The US n its allies have struck Taliban but they have ignored thier cousins in India. These are not the religious fundamentalists who'd bomb others. This is the new breed of cultural Taliban in India...yes, the so-called defenders of the "tradition and rich heritage" (bullcrap!). I suggest these guys consider reverting back to the real heritage of Homo erectus. Promote nudity, losers. What good does a hot chick serve if she does not wear revealing clothes??

Yes, India does have a very rich heritage and tradition which has to be preserved, but not at the cost of Freedom of Expression. Had our semi-primate ancestors thought of preserving their "rich tradition", we'd still be roaming nude ( sounds fun though). One of the primary reasons for India's ascent as a "would be superpower", which honestly will never happen, is the large English speaking population. Did we not give up Sanskrit for English? Dhoti for pants? and kurta for shirt? When will the assholes learn!!?!

Evolve, adapt n survive....

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