Wednesday, February 20, 2008

System sucks more than paris hilton

Another round on semester results announced today, yet another disappointment. ( Whoa! did that come as a surprise to u?) Assholes win, i lose. My Asshole theory wasn't wrong after all. The universe loves mediocrity.

Every "good for nothing jackass" scored better than i did. Y? because the system in place is not meant to evaluate anything but mediocrity. U are better than the rest n u show it in your answer paper....surprise, surprise! The system punishes u. He he ha ha.

Muthas who cant write a decent Java/C++ program score better than me. Its not about knowing the programming languages, their syntax n stuff. Its all about how well u can innovate using them. Solve problems and improvise. The exams heavily emphasizes on memorizing skills. U cant mugg up?! You are dead.

It seems to me that if i participate now in a race, as one and the only participant, I'd still not get the first place.
[ Reminds me of the song "No tears by Scarface"...yeah, the motherfucka song from Office Space]

One little piece of advice for people like me who find themselves in the wrong place among the wrong people:
A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn, an uben tanatha le faelas.

The next time someone calls me a genius or some shit like that, I'll slap the motherfuker. Coz people with high content n average marks don't deserve to be called so.

Am i jealous?
Hell yeah! I've got every right to be jealous.

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