Sunday, February 10, 2008

Standard of TV content in India

4 hours of sleep has driven me into the nether of conscious.... I've turned into a zombie now . Waooaa! But it was worth it. I spent my free downloading hours watching the Emperor Of The Sea, its a Korean mega serial and it kicks ASS! The story is great, OST is awesome and the cast has done a wonderful job.... hats off to the team! No wonder it was one of the most successful serials in Korea. This is also telecasted in Doordarshan on Sundays 11:30 am.( Nostalgic? hope u guys still remember the state owned broadcaster) I wonder if India will ever see anything close to the quality n scale of this Korean drama.

India television is in such a pathetic state....yuck! The so-called Reality shows are plaguing the every TV channel. The news channels will show anything these days..... the discussions on a Hindi news channel (which is getting the best news channel award for the past few years) is so lame that i feel like pooping out of my mouth..... fucking retards corrupting the entire nations thought.
Read this post by Amit Varma:
Well, the breaking news translates into: Amitabh Bachchan catches cold.
Jesus Christ! What the hell are v supposed to do if he catches cold? .... can u believe that this got broadcasted as a breaking news? In a country where where thousands of children never see the face of the school and a million more people go hungry to bed everyday, does this crap deserve to get any attention??

Sample News Excerpts from the Future:

A monkey and a dog caught having sex in Delhi.

Scientists say they have developed organs in lab: Paris grows boobs on her forehead.

Britney says she wants to swap her boobs and butt cheeks.

Discussion on prime time television: Penis Bombs: Is that a possibility?

Note to the readers ( if there are any) : I will not be able to update the blog frequently due to other commitments.... but i will not neglect it.

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