Thursday, February 28, 2008

A better world

I had been to INCIDENT 2008 today( annual cultural festival of nitk). Lively and vibrant atmosphere it was.... the prelims of the quiz was pretty decent i must say. Workoutable questions they were, as amit verma would put it.

"A good quiz question is one in which, even if you don't know the answer, you can work it out through clues given in the question. Workoutable, thus, is not just about knowledge but also about problem-solving" - Amit Verma .

I wish each quiz was of this standard, @least. Homo posteriors are often crippled by such quizzes coz they are used to the "fact based" quizzes ( thats for the high school kids, losers. Grow up!). If u dint know what a fact based quiz is, don't worry, I'll tell you. Its the one where you have questions that would require you to recall facts from your memory. Human brain is reduced to the state of a storage device.

What is the capital of Washington? ( can it get any dumber?)
What is the Chandler's middle name? (yea, the guy from FRIENDS who tries to be funny)
How many pubes did Harry Potter have when he faced Voldemort for the last time?

There were plenty of quiz enthusiasts .... the finals was a bit boring though. But it was good nonetheless.

Are you thinking that after being surrounded by Homo superiors all day(plus a good quiz), I am happy ? HELL NO! It just reminds me that i'll go back to the dirty dungeon very soon, surrounded by worthless losers who should have been eliminated from gene pool long back but have somehow managed to escape the Natural Selection. Into Hell,away from the better world....

Note: People who make fun of Star Wars can ESAD. May the almighty FSM give you a decreshendo. May he turn you into a decrepid man.

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