Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fanatics Strike Back

I am back (btw,who he hell am i talkin to? Anyone there?!?!). Sleeping too much n watchin shit loads of movies is all i do these dayz. Yeah, m on vacation. Back to blogging:

Yesterday I was lookin for some Buddhist chants on youtube. I found what i wanted, the Heart Sutra. Its beautiful n sublime. The sanskrit pronunciations were not perfect though....but Imee Ooi's vocals n the music compensated for that 'n' times over. I am n always was a pan-theist. Getting attracted towards Buddhism never came as a surprise, coz as far as i know this religion does not have a "god". You will find beauty of Buddhism in the following lines:

No one saves us but ourselves,
No one can and no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path,
- The Dhammapada, 165.

I was looking at the comments on the youtube page, searching for more gyan. Then suddenly a guy pops up with this comment :
"Only the Truth of Jesus Christ is True!!! I tell you this not out of ignorance but of love. I want you all in Eternity with me in Jesus, and not in Eternal Separation from the Father. (hell)"

Aahhhh.....I started pulling my hair! It took me a while to re-gain my stability back. Hell, WTF! These fanatics r all over the place. The guy who wrote the comment pissed me off to the 'n'th degree. How can someone be so sure of something he/she has never seen.....ooohhh, gotcha, God works in mysterious ways, rite? ESAD assholes.

I was a hardcore believer once [i was studyin in 4th grade]. Might sound funny, but the only proof i had of god's existence those days was of babies gettin born. I wondered how the hell could tht happen, if not for the divine grace.....blah,the myth got busted when i came to know about sex.

The idea of a omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent god never went well with me. As someone pointed out (was it Scott or dawkins? Scott i guess) god cannot be omniscient and omnipotent simultaneously. Lemme explain this for u people.....

For the benefit of people who did not write CAT/GRE :-D
1) omniscient = All knowing.
2) omnipotent = All powerful.....basically "God can kick anyones ass" philosophy.

Now, If God was omniscient then he'd be knowing everything (past,present n the future)......How could the benevolent god possibly listen to ur prayers n answer them? Coz he already knows whats gonna happen n he is just doin what he is supposed to do. If gods were so powerful tht he could change the future, then how the hell can he continue to be omniscient?? Get my point ?!?!

I have nothing against Jesus or Hindu or Muslim god.....Its just that their followers piss me off with their "My God n his words are the only truth n others r wrong". Dude, the guy following other religion has the same thing to say...... so who's right???

Heart Sutra (Sanskrit) by Imee Ooi

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Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Assholism rocks man!!! Your posts enlightened me :)