Tuesday, September 18, 2007

m back...

my box got messed up when i installed the "64" bit linux......fuck it. 32 bit ones still will kick 64 bit's ass any day. Shitty incompatible drivers didn't even allow me to connect to the internet. N wats more?! u cannot play songs,videos......none work without plugins [which again requires internet ]. u cannot install any softwares bcoz the yum installer need a working "network connection".....WHAT THE FUCK DO U EXPECT PEOPLE TO DO WITH THIS DUMB PIECE OF SHIT?????

Friday, September 7, 2007

OPERA strikes back

Opera kicks ass! but now IT RIPS ASS!

Opera 9.5

Opera has striked back, yes it has. The features are awesome. Opera 9.x passes the ACID2 test case designed by the Web Standards Project to identify web page rendering flaws in browsers. Opera's share of browser market is a mere 0.5-1%, quite saddening :-( . This is another proof for my Asshole theory. Some Fucking retards continue to use the browsers from stone-age [ u know wat m talkin abt, don't u?! ], get a life morons.