Monday, December 10, 2007

A little tweak to boost internet speed

AAhhhhhh... this blog hardly seems to have loyal visitors ( coz the first-timers wouldn't bother to come back after exposure to my harsh language n rants).

Wanna get that extra speed??
Here is a tweak for speed mongers:

Goto run> type gpedit.msc > Computer configuration> Administrative templates> Network> Now click on QoS Packet Scheduler ( Morons can read on: a single click on QoS, I've not asked u to expand tht thing)

Now on the right side panel u can find Limit Reservable Bandwidth. U can enable it and set the bandwidth limit % to 0.
Windows XP they say reserves some percentage of ur bandwidth. Did u forget to say THANKS to assholes at my-crow-soft?

NOTE: This tweak works only on Win XP pro, not home.

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Karthik Nire said...

Thanks for that li'l byte of infO..