Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scary Farter-5

Sorry chaps for keeping u waiting for soooo long.... no readers, no comments, no inspiration to blog. U get the correlation?

Ok, comming back to Scary's sissy adventure....lemme pick it up from where i left:

Scary now comes learns of Boobus Bumbleboore's deceit. He realizes that his principal has turned against him for the greater good of humanity. Scary plans to kill Boobus before he can cause any damage.

Boobus was a Gay. He fell for a guy named Spindlebald, who was a janitor at Fagwarts[ Love is blind, it sees no status ]. They often met at a location deep inside AppleFart forest outside Fagwarts, for they did not want the world to know about their relation. Unfortunately Scary's intel sources give him a tip off about the meeting that was scheduled that very day.

Scary, the sick bastard that he is, along with a bunch of lusers plan a perfect murder. They would kill Boobus in the forest so that Spindlebald would be held guilty for it.

More to follow in the next post......

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