Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roshambo: The most Xtreme Sport

This is an unbelievable video.... i wonder what kind of balls it would take to indulge in this sport. Balls of steel will do, titanium will be better. Its called Roshambo, perhaps most extreme sport in modern times. Rules are pretty simple, last man standing wins. Watch the video for the “real” action.

I would suggest Indian Government to come forward n promote this sport. One Roshambo club in every town: this may well be the one stop solution for India's population crisis.

People don’t seem to show much of a liking to contraceptives here, esp condoms. Condoms are used everywhere except for birth control. Some of the other uses include: building water proof roofs, for constructing the roads (mixed with bitumen)......whats next? Bullet proof jackets?!

Faint hearted men r not advised to watch this coz u may end up with your balls in your mouth.

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