Sunday, August 5, 2007

Scary Farter-4

Farter Mania continues.....

Baldemort now learns about Scarys newly acquired skills. His next mission was to learn a spell that could counter Scary's ability to raise FFISC. He travels far east to learn new skills from the spell masters of the orient. In one of the ancient Ass-magic books he learns of a spell called....hold ur breath.....yessss....."INFLATUS ASSIUS" [5 points if u got it right].

DAMAGE: Inflates the ass....The inflation is to such a degree that the victims asshole gets sealed due to the tightening of butt cheeks. This stops the victim from farting.... wind energy gets stored in the intestines n causes irreversible damage,consequently causing an IMPLOSION in the victim leading to death. The victim craps before he dies.[ Sir Eric Cartman known for his legendary wisdom proved this in south park, btw I've knighted him for his contribution to humanity ass-a-hole ]

realizes that this spell can be very effective against Scarys Spells. [ Scary Trivia: Scarys spell come out of his ass, not his mouth]. Equipped with this spell Baldemort returns to Fagwarts.... He is now ready to face Scary in the final battle, the battle of Assholes (scary) Vs Evil (Baldemort).

Note to the mortals:
U r a fan of south park- You get +5
U like Cartman- a bonus 5 .....
U dont like southpark - You will die due to sealed asshole
U have never heard of Southpark.....or even worse, u dont know Cartman- U will die farting n spend an eternity in hell doing the same.

References : Southpark-something wall mart this way comes
: You guys know what? The last thing you do when you die, is crap your pants.
Stan: ...What?
Cartman: Yeah, when you die, your jowels release and crap comes flying out your ass.
Kyle: That is f****** stupid, Cartman!
Cartman: Oh yeah?! I'll bet you five bucks that when you die you crap your pants, asshole!

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