Friday, August 3, 2007

Scary Farter-3

Scary Farter returns....

Scary has now turned into a complete asshole. People in Fagwarts are getting massacred. Baldemort designs his line of action to finish off Scary with help of Boobus Bumblebore.

Scary has now learnt new skills in Black-AssMagic. He can now raise level raise level-9 Fartoholic Fart Inducing Spell casters.

Enemy: Fartoholic Fart Inducing Spell Casters (FFISC)
Levels: 1- 10
DAMAGE: These unit keep farting until u go deaf. The blood vessels in ur ears burst n causes bleeding. Your ear starts vomiting blood. Units above level 6 can induce farts. You can die farting. Some cases have even reported people farting out their intestines.In worst cases ass rips open.

The war tht was foretold in the prophecy is now gettin realized. Factionism has started in fagwarts. Moronic Losers take Scary's side and Bad-asses take Baldemorts side. It is now just a matter of time......... the fate of fagwarts will be decided by the epic battle.

More to follow in the next out for the action of the sissy boy wizard.

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