Saturday, August 4, 2007

Monkey Mania ends....

Kanpur is the place in news..... first we had the kanhaiya baba n now the monkey mania comes to an end.

The monkey who terrorized the people of kanpur has finally been put behind the bars.....he's in jail. The monkey menace was prevalent in the Kanpur court area.... This monkey has already tasted more than 500 people. The lawyers in the court had to put a reward of Rs.10000 on the monkeys head.

Law experts now tell that lawyers themselves have broken the law by putting a reward on the monkeys head [ this is against some wildlife act]. I partially agree with the experts....I strongly believe that the monkey was sent to deal with Kanhaiya baba [ call it divine intervention ]. A bite of Baba's thingy would hav cured the monkey and cured the Baba as well [ u c that win-win situation? ].

Now that man is unnecessarily poking his nose in this matter [against the heavens will], I am sure that we can expect more action in the near future. C'mon monkey, we r with u[@least i am] ...... u can make it out of prison...... LET JUSTICE BE DONE UPON Mr.SHITFACE.

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