Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Asshole mania....

Earth, the third rock from the sun. The harmonious planet which is home to hundreds of millions of species, the most notable being Homo sapiens. Earth harbors more than 6.7 Billion people [ http://www.netlingo.com/more/poptick.html , dated Aug 14 2007, 17:33 PM, Indian standard time]

You might be thinking: "thats old news.....Y the hell is TCM creating shit out of it?" Well, the answers is quite workable. You have learnt the answer, realized it but u might have overlooked it. The basic fact remains the same that more than 90% of the human population will satisfy the criteria to be called as assholes[Homo posterior] whether u agree or not. This will be evident if u look around yourself.

U r surrounded by assholes. They have infected the humanity with their moronic wisdom. Their presence has spread like a plague....corrupting,killing and creating more assholes. Everyday u'll find them everywhere around u.

The next time u c assholes don't forget to remind them that they are still ASSHOLES.

Asshole mythology
The Divine Monster(DM) had an intention of creating an superior class of mammals.... so DM created earth, populated it with different species and he also created the superior "real" humans [ Homo superior] . Then he thought of creating assholes[ Homo posteriors, who coincidently looked just like humans] to serve the "real" humans. The real humans, the good fellas that they were, never bothered to keep an eye on their slaves. These assholes started multiplying and after a few thousand years.......the Homo superiors turn into a minority.

Asshole Trivia: The word asshole had its origins from the biological name Homo posterior.

I dedicate this ugly post to all the assholes who have showed up in my life, esp the ones who showed up recently. I want to say "Fuck Off" to all of them for making my life worse than what it was before. GFU(go fuck urself) for putting in your dedicated and consistent efforts towards making my life shittier than ever.

For more information on assholes u can visit:

Note: The above post is not applicable if the reader himself/herself is an asshole. Typos r not regretted.

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