Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Anti-Alchemist

Have u ever felt that the world/universe has been unjust & unfair to u? Well, I certainly do. Every time I yearn for something, the expected outcome never turns up. All i get is 55% - 65% of what i should have got.

U'd say that i did not work hard enough. I disagree. I have put more effort than what was required to get "the desired result". Maybe u think its smart work that really matters. To be honest my strategies were pretty fail safe [ even otherwise, Homo superiors are inherently smart ].... But I did not succeed in getting things done the way i had planned before. What do u think the reason was?

I'd say it was luck/fortune factor that was missing.....Yes, the very fucking luck. No matter what u do or how hard u try, u'll never get what u deserve. This is the very essence of my ANTI-ALCHEMIST theory. The world/universe is conspiring against you, its waiting for a chance to fuck u. Sometime its fucks u so hard that your ass gets badly ruptured,wounded n shattered.

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