Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scary Farter - 2

Scary lost his parents when he was a small kid. He lived with his uncle n aunt and made their lives turn into HELL [ a thought about Scary's fart would send shivers down their ass, I pity them :-( ]. Scary was then spotted by the fellas from FAGWARTS school of magic. They asked Scary to join Fagwarts, which he did.

Fagwarts was a place where jerks[ she-jerks included, i believe in equality of sexes] who were outcasts from the civilized world stayed. Scary had a nice time @ fagworts n became friends with a bunch of losers. Meanwhile, people who really cared for others (and themselves), begged Baldemort to save the world before Scary's farts killed everyone. Baldemort was the only person who showed resistance to Scary's fatal farts [ did i tell ya that this is a part of a ancient prophecy? Well, the prophecy said that Scary's farts will lead to extinction of all species if not stopped by Baldemort ]

Blademort readily agrees n decides to save this world from its apparent doom......

[to b continued...... the responsibility of saving the world now lies with Baldemort. Man! i luv this stuff ;-) ]

More to follow in the next out for the action of the sissy boy wizard.

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Shriram said...

According to me the best spell against scary would be 'decrepify' ;P.This will slow down scary considerably along with weaking his farts which will now deal only 1/5th of the normal damage.

YEs I recommend this spell!