Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scary Farter - 1

TheChaosMonger on Harry Potter....oops, sorry.... Scary Farter:

Scary Farter
, the famous boy-wizard......who doesn't know about him?
I bet u do....well, here's my take on that scum-bag.

Scary was born on a very unfortunate day. He had the talent of farting [ oops not just a fart but a level 5 tight-bun fart]. Everyone around him was choked 2 death....poor fellas.

Now Scary had an enemy, the Evil Baldemort [ the typical villain ]. Baldemort was know for casting very powerful and fatal spells on his enemies. The most lethal being "inflatus boobius" [ this is self explaining i guess].Scary was the only person to have survived the "inflatus boobius".....thanx 2 the scar on his ass-cheeks.

[to b continued......]
More to follow in the next out for the action of the sissy boy wizard.


flat_Chested_woman said...

Uhh.. i dont know how to say this..but do you by any chance know how to "Inflatus boobius" ? or Do you have Baldemort's permanent address.?

TheChaosmonger said...

Reply to flat_Chested_woman...
Lord Baldemort does not give a boob job to "anyone". That spell is patented, don't even think of using it. Go for Silicone job.... works well they say.

reference: Patent number: 10361,as submitted to ministry of Ass Magic on 11-2-1863.