Monday, July 30, 2007

Kanhaiya Baba

TheChaosMonger Speaks on Religion.......I wanted to post this on Sunday, but had other important things to do. Scary Farter series will return soon, was busy these days (Creative crapping consumes time) here it goes:

A baba from kanpur, who calls himself Kanhaiya Baba (Mr.ShitFace) stands on his devotees ( including children....even toddlers) to cure them. He claims to be a incarnation of Krishna (hindu god). Watch those assholes voluntarily putting their babies under the feet of that Shit-Face. What a loser..... WANT TO CURE SOMEONE ASSHOLE? HOW ABOUT ME CURING YOU? HOW ABOUT ME RIPPING YOUR BALLS OFF, SCUMBAG?



This is what happens when people turn Hyper-religious. I call it insanity. I am an agnostic ..... n i kinda get pissed of when i see such ass-holes. Y doesn't someone take up the noble work of castrating those people? We don't need their progeny(more assholes). Mr.Shitface is even worse...... fuckin scumbag. Have those people (esp parents) abandoned their senses? N make it a point to c the face of Mr.Scumbag in the video...... Fucking loser. Shoot tht asshole..... fuck the religion. I am a sane human being who can judge between right n wrong........ Why should i live under the shadow of religion?!? Why should anyone live under the shadow of religion?!?

Your comments.....?

note: IGNORE THE TYPO's n the FOUL LANGUAGE ( Did u like it? good. You Didn't? Who cares anyway..... >:) )

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss Monica?!?!

Monica Bedi, actress and a companion of underworld don Abu Salem,was released from jail. She has now turned to spirituality. Spirituality has become a rage these days among the ex-criminals.

Monica Turns Spiritual

The bollywood seems to be very keen on offering roles to the actress. We can expect another B-grade movie. How about a real life story? No points for guessing the title.... Its "Miss Monica". WTF?! Any takers for the movie? Don't forget to mention my name in the credits ...... ;-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Miss Anara

Has the last drop of creativity in bollywood been spent?! HOLY GHOST! WTF!? After a series of remakes, preceded by lotsa movies getting "Inspired" (politically correct substitute for ripping) from Non-Indian cinema (primarily hollywood), we've now started counting on shitty "Real Life" stories.

I was chatting with a friend of mine ( Call him X, overdoing maths has its own disadvantages) a few weeks back when this movie just popped into our conversation. Now X is a kind of guy who never watches crappy movies. I asked him, mockingly, "Miss.Anara dekha?". 'Bang' came the reply, "Anara mein ab dekhne ke liye bacha he kya hai?" (pun intended) . I couldn't agree more.....

Stop making crappy movies! n even if u end up making one, DO NOT SHOW THEIR CRAPPIER TRAILERS ON T.V.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

porn mania in nigerian schools

Ok, I'll be honest,I had forseen this long back..... Nigerian school children were given laptops by U.S aid organization n they used it to explore porn sites. It was their idea of fun n learn i guess :-) . No surprises.....
Pupils browse porn on donated laptops

Scary Farter - 2

Scary lost his parents when he was a small kid. He lived with his uncle n aunt and made their lives turn into HELL [ a thought about Scary's fart would send shivers down their ass, I pity them :-( ]. Scary was then spotted by the fellas from FAGWARTS school of magic. They asked Scary to join Fagwarts, which he did.

Fagwarts was a place where jerks[ she-jerks included, i believe in equality of sexes] who were outcasts from the civilized world stayed. Scary had a nice time @ fagworts n became friends with a bunch of losers. Meanwhile, people who really cared for others (and themselves), begged Baldemort to save the world before Scary's farts killed everyone. Baldemort was the only person who showed resistance to Scary's fatal farts [ did i tell ya that this is a part of a ancient prophecy? Well, the prophecy said that Scary's farts will lead to extinction of all species if not stopped by Baldemort ]

Blademort readily agrees n decides to save this world from its apparent doom......

[to b continued...... the responsibility of saving the world now lies with Baldemort. Man! i luv this stuff ;-) ]

More to follow in the next out for the action of the sissy boy wizard.

Scary Farter - 1

TheChaosMonger on Harry Potter....oops, sorry.... Scary Farter:

Scary Farter
, the famous boy-wizard......who doesn't know about him?
I bet u do....well, here's my take on that scum-bag.

Scary was born on a very unfortunate day. He had the talent of farting [ oops not just a fart but a level 5 tight-bun fart]. Everyone around him was choked 2 death....poor fellas.

Now Scary had an enemy, the Evil Baldemort [ the typical villain ]. Baldemort was know for casting very powerful and fatal spells on his enemies. The most lethal being "inflatus boobius" [ this is self explaining i guess].Scary was the only person to have survived the "inflatus boobius".....thanx 2 the scar on his ass-cheeks.

[to b continued......]
More to follow in the next out for the action of the sissy boy wizard.

Friday, July 20, 2007

First post....

On the first day TheChaosMonger(TCM) had no bloody work,
On the 2nd day he thought of blogging,
On the third day he registered,
On the forth he started thinking shit,
On the fifth he wrote his first "content",
On the sixth he declared "let the blog begin"....and then came his blog.

Ok, enough of creationist crap, an introductory post will soon follow.....working hard on my disclaimer. Ideas r welcome.....

The ritual....

First things first,Let me invoke the Sith code before i start posting anything.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Force be with you.